Stock market investing Guide Book

WALL STREET veteran, who is the most dangerous phrase like markets, ' this time is different. " But in a sense, the fundamental "this time is something else." For the first time more than half of all American households earn a paycheck and own shares directly or indirectly though the unit trust/common fund. The workers are investments in the stock market to finance their retirement, college of education of their children and other long-term savings targets. The price of shares will change depending on how investors assess the prospects for profit companies. Software company with growing sales and cash flow sports higher stock price as investors anticipated further gains ahead of us. But investors send the price of shares in software company with declining sales, incoherent strategy and management. Many firms also pay dividends or cash payments on a regular basis, of their investors. Historically dividends represent roughly half of the long-term return created by investors. The total yield of shares, the best measure of its performance, comes from the amount of dividend payments and the cost or the losses or appreciation.

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