Lexmark P3120 PrinTrio error

I replaced an ink cartridge in my Lexmark P3120 PrinTrio and when I closed the printer door I heard a pop! Now I get the msg printer door open.

I know what has happened, there is a 1 inch long plastic rocker that popped off in side. It feel out when I was examining the unit. It doesn't appear to be damaged, it looks as if it just snaps back on. But the problem is. How do you open this printer up?

I went to Best Buy where I bought it in Feb. of 2004 and they won't even send it in for service. It prints really well and I don't want to drop another $150 on a new printer, because of a 5 cent part.

I need to know how do you get into this printer. So does anyone have a sevice manual?


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fix for TN250 cartridge in an MFC 6800.

Anybody have a fix for TN250 cartridge in an MFC 6800.
Same problems with low toner light. Also out of toner caused shutdown. Managed to get it going again by cycling power on and off.
My problems have got worse after using after-market toner cartridges at ~$8 each but I can live with them (save $32 ).
Summary of my problems are
1 Toner shading intermittent. Sometimes gets worse as more copies are done. Sometimes starts bad and improves.
2 There is toner in cart and I would like to get low toner light off.
3 Occasional out of toner shutdown.

I have looked at the TN250, both brother and after-market, and see no window to cover!
Thanks for listening

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brother fuser replacement

Power off/on
- hold down button
- press again when drum light on
- worked for me on 1430 to to clear fuser error.

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HP officejet k60

Below is HP definition for the the error code.
It seems consistent with your description.
252 Telephone line conditions were too poor to receive a fax.

Do The following:
1. Check the telephone line for noise by connecting a phone to it. Press one key on the keypad and listen. A working line should be essentially silent. If you hear cracking or hum on the line call for service. You didn't mention whether or not the problematic fax is coming from one phone number. If your line seems 'clean' then the problem may be with the senders phone line.
2. Unplug the power source for 30 seconds.
3. Use a known good phone cable
4. Make sure the phone cable is plugged in securely on both ends.

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1. Turn machine on while pushing and holding the TWO up/down menu buttons at same time.
2. Menu window will show "OKI USER"
3. Scroll to " Engine Dialog Mode" is indicated. Push Enter button.
4. "Diagnostic Mode xx.xx.xx S-Mode is indicated.
5. Scroll to "NV-Ram initial" is indicated. Push ENTER.
6. Window shows "NV-Ram- Initial Table 1".
7. Push ONLINE and ENTER Buttons simultaneously and HOLD for 10 seconds after you see "Executing Reset" appear in menu window.
8. Restart printer.

All toner, drum, fuser and transfer figures return to 100%.

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Epson Stylus C82 Error

I have an epson stylus C82 that has been sitting for probably 2 years. I get a light greenish color when trying to print and when trying to clean the nozzles or head i get a blue and yellow check. No black or cyan color on the checks. I also dont get any black, ive tried removing the cover case to see if it was the plastic tube but that is intact. Any help? I've done cleanings on it probably 4-5 times now maybe even more. If any of you have suggestions that would be great. thanks in advance.

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Error hp 6110 carriage jam

My HP 6110 all in one is printing slanted prints and showing the error message open door and clear carriage jam. I've been through the HP help info to no avail. Is there anything I can do without taking it in for service?

The proper nomenclature is "encoder strip". It's a clear plastic strip with lines on it that runs through the back of the cartridge assembly and hooks on at either end of the printer. I use Window Cleaner on a paper towel as it works better than the 30% water solution that Chris recommended. Alcohol actually has little or no effect on ink.

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Flashing EPSON 860 Error

This could be to old for those posting above but I had found these instructions back in 2004 and it worked for me when this happens to me on my epson 860:

1. turn off the machine for at least 5 minutes and disconnect the interface cable to the computer
2. push and hold down the "ink" button and the "paper" button and turn the printer on.
3. When the "paper" light flashes quickly release both the buttons and then immediately press and hold down the "ink" button only for at least 10 seconds.

You will need to try this several times to get the sequence correctly.

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hp designjet 750c plus errors

I just bought the hp design jet 750c plus used. I have installed the drivers and am able to see it in my printing options but when I try to print nothing happens. The plotter reads: ready, but nothing happens. I look in the printing que and it says printer error. I am running windows vista and I am trying to print pdf and autocad files. I am using autocad LT 2008. I have tried saving my files in 2004 format but that doesnt work either. Any ideas for what i can do to make this work?

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Canon i80 Waste Ink Tank Full

For Reset Canon i80 Waste Ink Tank Full

1) Close the print head cover, and turn off the printer. While pressing the Resume/Cancel button, press the Power button. (Do not release the buttons. The LED lights in green to indicate that a function is selectable.)

2) While holding the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button. (Do not release the Power button.)

3) While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button three times, and then release the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in either orange or green, starting with orange.) During initialization, the LED blinks in green.

4) When the LED stops blinking and lights in green, press the Resume/Cancel button the 4 times. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in either orange or green, starting with orange.)

5) Press the Power button. The LED lights in green, and the
selected function is performed. (When the operation completes, the printer returns to the menu selection mode automatically.)

6) Power off then back on and test.

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Download Software Resetter for Epson C90

If any error when running Program Resetter, following this instructions :

Delete the folder in “C:\Adjustments_Programs\Stylus XXX” on your PC.

Delete registry key “Stylus CXX or Stylus RXX”

Then Reboot your PC. you must reboot your pc to take effect

to Reset Waste Ink Counter at Epson C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900

Extrac file Adjustment Program you was download
Switch on printer
RUN AdjProg.exe file for Epson Stylus C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, RX650, CX3900

choose Particular adjustment mode
Go to interview Then select waste Ink pad counter then click ok
Klik initialization button to clear Waste Ink Pad counter to zero
Once you press Initialize button, you can see its completion message, so that press OK button
To Read Status Counter Press Read button, you can see the current counter value.
Turn off the printer for 5secs then turn again
reset succesfully
download sofware resetter here


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Reset Printer IP1200 and IP1600

The guidelines reset Ink Tank Full Error Canon IP1200 and IP1600
First stage (Hardware Reset)
1. Turn off the printer, and then disconnect the power.
2. Press and hold the Power button (use the index finger to hold the power button).
3. Replace the Power cable.
4. Use the middle finger pressing the button to resume as much as 2 times.
5. Remove your index finger from the Power button.
6. You have completed the first stage to reset the Ink Tank Full Error (lamps, power blinking).
Second stage (Reset Software) to Permanent
1. Download the IP1200 & 1600 Resetter from here
2 o'clock. Extracting / unrar folder in C: \ IP1200
3. Make sure all the attributes of free files Read Only.
4. Run GeneralTool.exe
5. In the USB port you select the printer port.
6. Select (check) EEPROM CLEAR
7. Provide blank paper to print. Then click the button Test April 1
8. Done Printer IP1200 and IP1600 you return to normal.
The following types of software reset the printer according to the type of printer that will be reset.

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Canon PG 30 Black Ink Cartridge 1899B002

Canon has poured all the Know How of its extraordinary history of developing innovative office machines into each of its copiers, printers, and networked office systems. The same superiority of design and manufacture goes into all of the Canon-branded consumable imaging supplies and parts for this equipment. Naturally, no one makes better parts and supplies for Canon products than Canon. Using genuine Canon parts and supplies is your best insurance against equipment damage, and possibly voiding your equipment warranty.

* Electronics,
* Best Insurance,
* Black Ink,
* Canon,
* Canon Cartridge,
* Canon Ink,
* Canon Parts,
* Canon Products,
* Canon Supplies,
* Copiers,
* Genuine Canon,
* Imaging Supplies,
* Ink Cartridge,
* Innovative Office,
* Networked Office Systems,
* Pg,
* Printer Cartridge,
* printer cartridges,
* Printers,
* Superiority

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Samsung CLP-300 reset

Samsung CLP 300 Mini Personal Color Laser Printer


The Samsung CLP-300 color laserjet printer is the smallest and least expensive color laser printer we've seen. The CLP-300 color laserjet printer version (nonnetworked) costs only $250, while the networked version (CLP-300N) will set you back an additional $100. Unfortunately, you sometimes get what you pay for, and what you get here is a basic printer that produces neither the fast nor the high-quality prints you'd expect from a laser printer. If you need speedy, top-notch prints, spend an additional $50 (over the price of the CLP-300N) for the Lexmark C500n. But if you're short on space and you have a tight budget and only basic printing needs, the Samsung CLP-300 color laserjet printer is a decent bet.

Perfect for the needs of individual users who want to minimise clutter and maximise space. With the world becomming increasingly faster and more efficient the CLP-300 color laserjet printer helps make room for the more important things in life. For the smallest and lightest colour printer on the market, search no further than the CLP-300 color laserjet printer. Look at other similar available models, there is practically no comparison. For its size and weight, the CLP-300 color laserjet printer clearly offers the most.

clp300_color-laser-printerThe CLP-300. This space-saving, easily movable printer delivers beautiful color at 4 ppm and sharp laser text at 17 ppm, along with the reliability Samsung is known for. The same exclusive NO NOIS print engine you'd find in the professional series color printers gives you quiet operation and simple toner changes. Getting up and running is easy, too, with as few as four clicks of the mouse. The CLP-300 color laser printer, small and light with the big color you're looking for. It's the same proprietary system used in our professional series color laser printers. And it gives you a whisper-quiet 49 dBA level of operation. Another benefit of our exclusive NO NOIS design is easy access to the small toner bottles for fast, simple toner changes. The CLP-300 features a 150-sheet multipurpose tray and a 100-sheet output capacity. Standard High-speed USB 2.0 Connectivity Paper Handling - Input capacity standard 150-sheet semi-cassette tray, output capacity (Face Down) 100 sheets Media Sizes - 3x5 to 8.5x14 Media Weights - 16 to 43 pounds Media Types - Plain paper, envelopes, transparencies, labels, and cardstock Operating Systems - Microsoft Windows 2 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Apple Mac OS 2 OS 10.3-10.4, Linux 2 Red Hat 8.0-9.0, Fedora Core 1-3, Mandrake 9.2-10.1, SuSE 8.2-9.2 Dimensions - Width 15.4 x Depth 13.5 x Height 10.4 inches Weight - 30.0 pounds

Samsung CLP-300 Color Laser Printer Features

* Color Laser Printing
* Printing Speed (B/W) - Up to 17 ppm in A4
* Printing Speed (Color) - Up to 4 ppm in A4
* First Page Out (Black / Color) in less than 14 seconds / 26 seconds (from Ready)
* Resolution - Up to 2,400 x 600 dpi
* Duty Cycle - Up to 24,200 pages per month
* Samsung 300 MHz Processor
* Memory - 32 MB ( expandable to max. 64 MB)
* 150-sheet semi-cassette Paper Input Tray
* Paper Output - 100 Sheets Face Down
* Media Sizes - 3-inch x 5-inch to 8.5-inch x 14-inch
* USB v2.0 interface
* Supports - Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 Mac OS OS 10.3 - 10.4 Linux Red Hat 8.0-9.0, Fedora Core 1-3, Mandrake 9.2-10.1, SuSE 8.2-9.2
* Dimension: 15.4-inch x 13.5-inch x 10.4-inch (WDH)
* Weight: 13.6 Kgs (30 pounds)

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Printer Oki c5300n drum reset

Turn the printer on whilst holding down Menu button. (Display says user maintenance.)
Press the menu button three times. (The display will say drum counter reset.)
Press enter key. The system should go back on line, if not press on-line key.

Reset the Drum Counter:
a. Press the MENU 1/Menu 2 button while turning the
printer on.
USER MNT appears on the display.
b. Press the MENU 1/Menu 2 button until the message
corresponding to the drum you are replacing
appears. For example, if you are replacing the
magenta image drum:
c. Press the ENTER/POWER SAVE button.
RESETTING briefly appears on the display.
d. Press the ON LINE button.

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Service Manual For CANON NP 6512/NP 6612/NP 7120/NP 7130/NP 7130F

This is a COMPLETE service manual has been prepared for CANON NP 6512/NP 6612/NP 7120/NP 7130/NP 7130F (NP6512/NP6612/NP7120/NP7130/NP7130F), providing basic information used for servicing the machines in the field so as to
ensure their quality and performance.

This service manual consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1 General Description introduces the machine's features, specifications,names of parts, and how originals are reproduced.
Chapter 2 Basic Operation explains how copies are made on a step-by-step basis.
Chapter 3 Exposure System discusses the principles of operation used for the
machine's exposure system. It also explains the timing at which exposurerelated
mechanisms are operated, and shows how they may be
disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 4 Image Formation System discusses the principles of operation used for the
machine's image formation system. It also explains the timing at which image
formation-related mechanisms are operated, and shows how they may be
disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 5 Pick-Up/Feeding System discusses the principles of operation used for the
machine's pickup/feeding system. It also explains the timing at which pickup/
feeding-related mechanisms are operated, and shows how they may be
disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 6 Fixing System discusses the principles of operation used for the machine's
fixing system. It also explains the timing at which fixing-related mechanisms
are operated, and shows how they may be disassembled/assembled and
Chapter 7 Externals/Auxiliary Mechanisms discusses the principles of operation used
for the machine's externals/auxiliary mechanisms. It also explains the timing
at which auxiliary mechanism-related mechanisms are operated, and shows
how they may be disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 8 ADF explains the principles of operation of the ADF in view of electrical and
mechanical functions and in relation to their timing of operation. It also shows
how the unit may be disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 9 Installation introduces requirements for the site of installation, and shows
how the machine may be installed using step-by-step instructions.
Chapter 10 Maintenance and Servicing provides tables of periodically replaced parts and
consumables/durables and scheduled servicing charts.
Chapter 11 Troubleshooting provides tables of maintenance/inspection, standards/
adjustments, and problem identification (image fault/malfunction).
Appendix contains a general timing chart and general circuit diagrams.

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Continuous ink supply system (CISS) Refillable ink cartridge

CISS may not please me but I know the brand of INK. Someone agent lang po kasi in akin.I 'm using this CISS for about 5 months. In 3 months of continuous use often to clog the head often even to print.Kaya volume I also nasasayang that INK tube in the waste clean-kaka.
Nasasayang also the printouts that Palpak the printing.

what brand of printer you have, ie also the brand should be compatible with the INK you buy.
pagbumili you, u if they ask comptible INK for your printer.

I print rite for EPSON r230, auto reset sya, so only distorted the printing of colored blast the colors on the bond paper, the printable cd ok naman sya. even nong just prior use. I use only sya that more black print on printable CDs then.

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resetter for reset tipe epson stylus 880

resetter for reset tipe epson stylus 880 To reset diapers meter ink, leaving in the sump, use the following sequence and combination of pressing and holding the buttons on the control panel:

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. It is necessary to replace a rug.
  3. Pressing and holding the button LOAD / EJECT and CLEANING, click POWER - will begin to flash indicators INK OUT, PAPER OUT.
  4. Drop all the buttons.
  5. Over 2 seconds press and hold 10-12 seconds, click CLEANING, is not yet mignut all indicators.
  6. Turn off the printer.

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Download Driver canon pixma ip1000

below is a driver for canon ip precisely the type of canon pixma ip1000 please do not worry because the download is free, or do not pay. download link

download service tool pixma ip1000 here

happy download

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Resetter Epson stylus T10,T11,T20E,TX200,TX400

Suitable for Epson Stylus T10,T11,T20E,TX200,TX400 Inkjet Printer

Original ink cartridges Model
73N Black Ink Cartridge (Standard Ink)
73N Cyan Ink Cartridge (Standard Ink)
73N Magenta Ink Cartridge (Standard Ink)

  • Offered with new version Combo chip with Switch and buttons.
  • Can used without original Cartridge on with the Switch down
  • High quality, low cost, easy maintenance
  • 80ml volume of ink for continuous printing without changing cartridges
  • Easy setup for long-term usage
  • Designed to perform with maximum reliability, efficiency and ease of operation
  • Cuts the running costs of printers by 90% because the same ink tanks can be used over and over again
download resetter t11 t20 and other here pass:dsacme.blogspot.com

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Resetter For Canon IX4000,IX5000

The PIXMA iX4000 lets you enjoy high-quality photo and document printing up to A3+.

As part of the PIXMA range, the iX4000 is built with FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology which ejects consistent 2 picolitre ink droplets with remarkable accuracy for smoother, sharper and more detailed images.

The iX4000 is the perfect solution for the home or business who want to print large format documents, graphics and photos at an affordable price.

The service manual consists of the following chapters

-Technical Reference

download resetter ix4000,ix5000

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Reset waste ink pad counter epson CX7300

Reset waste ink pad counter epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F use adjustment program. I have tried this software and this software working. To run this software without error please follow the tutorial under. I have modified the bat file and I change the name date.bat to assist when running program adjustment.
Here How to use this software :

  • Download the adjustment program (see under)
  • Extrak adjustment you have downloaded
  • Go to The extrakted folder then click date.bat file
  • Now set the date setting in you PC to 11 April 2008,
  • Run adjustment program by click AdjProg.exe file the click accept
  • Click Particular adjustment mode then select destination and printer port then click OK
  • Select Waste ink pad counter from the below window and double-click to execute it
  • Click [Check] button to check current protection counter’s value
  • Then Click [Initialization] to reset the protection counter to the initial value. Thats all
  • After finishing, you can change the date to normal

Link Adjustment program for epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F

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BJC-2100 Inkjet Cartridges

Shop at Inkjetcartridges.com for Canon BJC 2100 printer ink cartridges, cartridge refills and plenty of other premium quality ink products.

We ship Canon BJC 2100 inkjet cartridges & printer ink supplies same business day...You can lower your costs on ink cartridges and ink refills for the Canon BJC-2100 by up to 80% without compromising output or quality (in fact in many cases output increases).


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NTSC Mini DV camcorder Canon GL2

Part of Canon's high-end, "prosumer" range, the GL2's features include three 1/4" CCDs, a fixed fluorite 20x zoom lens, and a portable formfactor. It has a 2.5" flip-out LCD display and 0.44" color viewfinder. It also has Canon's advanced accessory shoe, allowing on-camera lighting or a camera-mounted microphone. It has the ability to record in 480i60 as well as 480p30 onto standard MiniDV cassettes. The progressive scan output of this camera is obtained through Canon's proprietary frame mode processing of the GL2's interlaced sensor, as opposed to a more traditional progressive sensor[1]. Its operating weight, when batteries and tapes are included, is just under three pounds.


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Digital Copier Solutions

Digital Copier Solutions, Digital Copiers,
San Diego, Canon copiers, Cannon copiers, Canon faxes,
Cannon faxes, copy machine, photocopier, canon digital, printer copier,
copier machine, photo copier, cannon digital, laser copier, canon photocopier,
canon laser printer, multifunction copier, cannon copy machine, photo copy machine,
photocopier machine, digital copy machine, cannon photocopier, photo copier machine,
cannon printer copier, copy machine service, canon copier machine.

Digital Copier Solutions in San Diego sell,
lease Canon Digital Laser Canon Copiers and Canon Printers,
Canon Digital Laser Color Canon Copiers, Cannon Laser Fax Machines,
Canon Certified Copier, Fax and Printer Service,
Canon Toner and Toner Cartridges For Digital Photo Copier,
Canon Printer and Canon Laser Fax Machine.

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EPSON C67 Info

actually i,m also using C67, C68 and C87 epson printer with CISS or continuous ink supply system but unfortunately this practice waste me a lot of ink just by doing printhead clean-up.
this technology is not really worth buying for.

this because if can can just figure out how this printer feed ink by original cartridges you can see easily the problem brought by this CISS.

Basically the main problem is the pressure difference between the tank and the ink delivery cartridges with the built-in auto reset chips, this, even just simple pressure calculations you can actually derive a negative pressure pulling the ink towards the tank,
every after printing (if you can notice) you have to do the routine head clean-up and therefore wasting a lot of ink. base from experience it would be much better if you just refill the original cartridge and transfer the auto reset chips to the genuine cartridges.

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Resetter for all

i found some blog share resetter to
this software for reset

TYPE CANON iP1000,iP1200,iP1500,iP1600,iP2000,iP3000,iP4000,iP4200,
iP5000,iP5200,iP6000,iP8500 MP110,MP130,MP150,MPC190,MP450.

you may visit the blog at

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If you want printer repairs and you need about adjustment program.

if you want printer repairs and you need about adjustment program.
adjustment program ...

for epson c58, c79, c87, c67, cx 2800, cx 4900, cx5900, r270,
Tags: free epson c87 plus resetter software, resetting programme for epson cx 2800,
reset epson stylus c87, jual printer epson stylus c79,
download installer epson stylus c58, free resetter epson stylus c87 plus, free adjustment program


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Buat yang pake printer IP1880

Buat yang pake printer IP1880 dan yang suka refill cartridge dan hasilnya ngebling, berikut ini ada software dan panduan untuk me-reset printer tsb?Sebagai informasi, resetter ini gak bisa mengubah status ink level indikator. Mungkin dari canon udah rancangan seperti itu. sehingga cara yang digunakan adalah mematikan status indikator untuk ink level.

Pertama download dulu softwarenya disini Selanjutnya ikuti instruksi berikut ini:
1. Driver harus sdh terinstal dengan benar.
2. Hubungkan kabel
3. Selanjutnya, sebelum kabel power printer dicolokin ke listrik, tekan dan tahan tombol
power dan colok kabel power ke listrik
4. Sambil menahan tombol power, tekan tombol reject 2 kali lalu lepasin tombol ????
5. Jalankan program reset yang udah di download
6. Jangan lupa buka Lock Release di program
( Sekedar catatan : Untuk dapat melihat menu lock release, minimal resolusi
layaranda berjalan di 1024 x 728 )
7. Lalu pilih set destination ke ip1880
9. Lalu klik MAIN dan PLATEN
10.Kalo langkah di atas udah di lakukan, lalu lakukan TES PATTERN1

Catatan : Sekedar info kalo cara di atas juga dapat digunakan pada IP 1100, 1800 ??? 2500 series Cara resetnya sama

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Reset Epson R340 error protection counter

follow this Step to reset Epson R340 error protection counter
Turn on power.
Press and hold buttons
Hold for 12 seconds plus and then release.

good luck

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Epson C110 Adjustment programs

download Epson C110 Adjustment program
follow this link


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Epson CX7300 Adjustment Programs

Epson CX7300 Adjustment Programs Download
if you need this tool please follow this link to download

happy reset

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Error Code on Canon Pixma MP160

How to Fix Error Code on Canon Pixma MP160 ?
Codice di errore 3 indica un documento marmellata.
La prima cosa che ho fatto è stato sorta di forza dei mangimi circa 8 x 11 duro carta o carta di magazzino attraverso la stampante, una volta ho girato su ruote e ha iniziato la filatura.

La scheda di magazzino è aspirata attraverso la stampante. Codice di errore è scomparso. Poi ho riavviato spegnere la stampante nuovamente stampata una pagina di prova. Voila! Il successo della pagina stampata.

Problema è stato fatto uno strano suono e quindi un angolo non ha diritto di stampa - pagina sgualcita e cattivo inchiostro copertura anche lì.

Ho aperto la stampante e sabato vi parità torsione al centro del percorso di trasporto - non prima di vedere - la carta di magazzino deve avere spinto in mezzo. Tirato fuori naturalmente.

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Epson CX8300 Adjustment Program

Download Epson CX8300 Adjustment Program
follow this link


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Epson CX9300F Adjustment Programs

Need Epson CX9300F Adjustment Programs
you can download here

this service tool is work for me download link at


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Download resetter for stylus Color 580

hello all friend :)

need resetter for printer dont worry, i will share with you

this time i share for epson stylus Color 580
Download resetter for stylus Color 580

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Download Resetter For canon i255

Here a Tool for reset canon i255
if you like it please post some coment


Good luck.

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Service tool for reset canon i320

This is Reseter for reset i320
Service tool you can download at


if you like it please give me some coment
good luck friend.

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Reseter for canon iP1000

hello friend this time i would like to share about service tool for canon iP1000
to download this Service tool or Reseter iP1000

may you download at here

this resetter support on win 98, me, XP

happy download.

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download Reseter for iP1100

This is Reseter for reset iP1100
Service tool you can download at


happy download

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SSC Service Utility for Epson Stylus Printers

this is software for epson
if you use epson printer, you will be need it

SSC Service for Epson Stylus Printers.
Main features

1) Work directly with CSIC in Epson Stylus printers cartridges.
2) Reset or rewrite any chip using special addon device.
3) Freeze internal ink counters.
4) Reset internal ink counters even with empty cartridges.
5) Separate cleaning of color and black heads for all Epson inkjet printers,
powerful cleaning mode.
6) Hot swapping of cartridges supported.
7) Resetting of protection counter (even then it is already full).
8) More then 100 different Epson printers supported

This allow many people with high printing demands to save some money (program works with both black and color cartridges).Up to day this software works under Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP with both the LPT and USB printers.NOTE ! You can lost Epson lifetime guarantee on print head by refilling ink cartridges!Please, read all instructions in help file before doing anything with Your printer!Please, post filled test report form generated by the program (test report button) to us in case of any software problem or if Your printer is unsupported by this software (read instructions how to make test report in this case in help file)

If really you need it, may you download at ssclg.com


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Download resetter for iP 2500

,Download resetter for iP 2500
any one have problem with canon ip 2500?

download resetter at http://www.startcopy.ru/repair/files/ip1100.zip

good luck friend..

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Download iP1800 resetter

This is service tool for canon iP 1800
download resetter at http://www.startcopy.ru/repair/files/ip1100.zip


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Download Resetter for canon ip1600

Download resetter for ip1600

download for free at

happy download

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Here are step for reset canon pixma iP1880

Download service tool for Canon iP1880
at link http://www.mediafire.com/?nmfns4hixel

* Driver should have been install correcly.
* Connect USB cable.
* Before connect power, press and hold power button then connect the power.
* At the same time Hold power button, and press reject button for 2 times then release power button.

* Run software resetter for canon iP1880.
* Don’t forget to open lock release in the software. ( note : to view locK release menu, min resolution 1024 x 728)

* Then select Set Destination to iP1880
* Click MAIN and PLATEN
* Finally test print by click TEST PATTERN1.

important for permanent reset waste ink canon iP1880 Printers please, resetting use software resetter. Above way can be used at canon IP 1100, iP1800 and iP2500 series

good luck

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Brother toner cartridge low toner override Problem

Er is een "flag tuig", die, zo lijkt het, langzaam draait (tegen) als de tonercartridge wordt gebruikt, die uiteindelijk een stop hits die verschijnt om de toner licht op en het voorkomen van afdrukken, zelfs als er toner links. Ik heb een TN550 cartridge die weigerde om af te drukken, en zelfs het vistuig werd aan de halte punt. Voer een reset uit het tuig, neemt u de tonercartridge uit. Op de versnelling kant take off 2 schroeven, de vlag tuig (op de tn550) is de zwarte top gear op rechterkant, met een kleine voorjaar eronder.

Pak het uit en opnieuw in te stellen (draai de klok mee), zodat ze niet meer aan de halte punt.
Ik heb niet opnieuw in te stellen, helemaal omdat er enkele aanwijzingen in andere berichten dat het bestuurt, bepaalde spanningen die afhankelijk zijn van de toner niveau. Ik neem aan dat mijn toner is eigenlijk steeds vrij laag dus ik draaide de versnelling weer een beetje, en de toner licht uitgeschakeld, en de printer afdrukken.

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Resetter for stylus Color 925

Download epson resetter for epson stylus Color 925
follow this link


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Download Resetter for epson stylus photo C90

This tools for reset Reset stylus photo C90 waste ink pad counter.
If any question you can ask to me how to run Adjustment Program.
to download this resetter
please follow this link

happy download

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Download resetter for canon iP1300, 1700

Download resetter for canon iP1300, 1700
download this service tool at

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Reseter iP iP1200, 1600, 2200

iP1200, 1600, 2200 Service tool Reseter for canon iP1200, 1600, 2200 support win 98, me, XP
you can download at

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This resetter for epson stylus Photo R310

Download resetter for stylus Photo R310
follow this link

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epson stylus Photo C58 service tool

Download epson stylus Photo C58 service tool
anybody need for stylus Photo C58

please follow this link
happy download

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Download for epson stylus C60

Download for epson stylus C60

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Download epson resetter stylus Photo C59

Download epson resetter stylus Photo C59
please copy this link and paste in your browser


happy download.

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Epson stylus Photo C41 42 43 44 45 46

hey..are you need resetter for C41, 42 ,43, 44, 45, 46
Epson stylus Photo download here


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Resetter for epson stylus Photo C61 62

Download for stylus Photo C61,62
dont worry its free
download at


happy download

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Download printer resetter stylus photo 83 84 85

Anyone need resetter for epson stylus photo 83 84 85
if you need may you Download the resetter at

happy download

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Download resetter stylus photo C67 68

If you need resetter for epson stylus photo C67 68
Download this tool at

if not work tell me
good luck

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Epson stylus photo C65

Resetter download at
happy downloading..

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Download Service tool for stylus Color 580

Download Service tool for stylus Color 580
This is Reseter for reset stylus Color 580
Service tool you can download at


if you like it please give me some coment

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Resetter for epson stylus Color 680 777

Download service tool epson
this Resetter for epson stylus Color 680 777
download at link


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Download resetter stylus photo C80,70

Here a Tool for reset stylus photo C80 70
if you like it please post some coment


Good luck.

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Download Resetter epson stylus Color 780 790

This service tool for reset stylus Color 780,790
try if work i hope you post some coment in my blog
to download this resetter visit

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Cleanning Scanner Mirrors on HP3330

This is not an Hewlett Packard document, the author does not work for Hewlett Packard and is not responsible for any damage you do to your printer. This procedure is for skilled repair technicians and is not recommended without some knowledge of equipment repair. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Open the document feeder and pull up on the two black tabs on the left and right.
2. Pull up on the right part of the doc feeder then the left, remove doc feeder, set aside.
3. Open front door and rear fuser door.
4. Remove screws closest to teal colored fuser release levers. (side cover screws)
5. Pull right cover out from back while releasing clip on bottom of cover, pull cover towards the back and remove.
6. Push on indentation at back of left cover and pull out at back, this cover is hinged.
7. Remove four screws now visible at base of scanner assy., two on left two on right.
8. Slide covers towards back and remove.
9. Remove two screws in the back just above the fuser and just below the scanner assy. base. Remove two screws in the front, visible now after removing the scanner assy. base covers on the right and left (the left one is just behind the hinged cover near the top hinge.)
10. Remove flat ribbon cable (on left side) at either connection point to disconnect scanner assy. from print engine.
11. Entire scanner assembly can now be slid forward and removed.
12. Close the front, rear and left side doors on the print engine portion and set it aside.
13. Grab front panel face plate at top and pull forward and remove. (or pry gently at top of face plate).
14. At top of exposed front panel you will see four slots in the scanner assy. At the third one from the left there is a latch (dark grey plastic). Push down on the latch with a screwdriver and slide the whole panel assy. to the right. Lift up and out making sure to disconnect the cable.
15. Remove the three screws in the now exposed dark grey front panel cradle and cover, remove the two cables connecting the cover to the main board, pry gently at the top outer corners of the cover and pull it forward and down, remove the cover.
16. Now remove the four scanner assy. screws (one and the center front, center back, center right, center left) all are facing down under the assy. (Or just flip it upside down and remove the four visible screws.
17. Turn the unit back upright and remove the four screws at the back/top (two of them are down inside where the doc feeder normally goes.) Remove the top scanner cover.
18. DANGER your about to work on the scanner carriage itself there is a really good chance that you could break it or the mirrors or bulb so proceed at your own risk.
19. At the top and bottom left side of the black cover enclosing the mirrors are two slots, if you put a small screwdriver in the slots and push gently to the right and lift that side of the cover it should come loose. Then open it to the right and remove it from the right slots.
20. Remove the black screw at the front of the assy., Disconnect the white wires from the CCD board and out of the harness, lift the clear plastic bulb holder out with the bulb then remove it from the rear. (it’s a tight fit at the front.)
21. The top mirror is held in by some really tight clips they have to be removed from the bottom right (clean the mirrors without this step if possible). NOTE: optical mirrors are not like a bathroom mirror, there is no glass covering the reflective surface. The back side of the mirror has glass covering it so if you get it in backwards it won’t work. (The way to tell which side you have is touch your screwdriver to the mirror and if it’s the right side the screwdriver will appear to touch the reflection of the screwdriver, if it’s the wrong side the screwdriver will not touch the reflection of the screwdriver because of the glass covering the reflective surface.
22. Now clean the remaining mirrors and lens very thoroughly with alcohol. Make sure they are very clean. You can put the top mirror back and clean it in place to make cleaning it easier.
23. When re-assembling the top cover check to make sure the white strip on the right side is clean.
24. Reverse procedure for re-assembly.

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Resetter Canon Pixma IP1200 and IP2200

Resetter Canon Pixma IP1200, IP1600,IP2200
Discharge of septic tanks overflow error code - "pampersa" It will only software

1. Kachan a service.
DOWNLOAD Service Tool for Canon iP1200, 1600, 2200.

2. Razarhiviruem downloaded archive.
Unzip downloaded file by WinZip.

3. Starting GeneralTool.exe
Run GeneralTool.exe

4. We choose a USB printer port
Select the connected USB port number from USB PORT

5. Select the region - Hit LOCK RELEASE and choose the desired model in SET DESTINATION.
Click LOCK RELEASE, and select the applicable model name in SET DESTINATION

6. In the CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER choose MAIN or PLATEN counters, which should be reset. If you choose both - both will be dropped.
In CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER, select MAIN or PLATEN. The selected waste ink counter will be reset. MAIN resets the main waste ink counter, PLATEN resets the platen waste ink counter.
If both the main and platen waste ink absorbers are replaced, reset both the main and platen waste ink counters.

Canon 1600 waste ink counter reset

If you get to use our advice - please share their experience in our Guestbook.

in OUR forum

in the forum site RESETTERS - a site devoted to the continuous filing of ink - SNPCH and everything that relates to a decrease in the cost of printing on inkjet printers Epson, Canon and HP.

Another instruction on clearing:

1. Turn the printer off and disconnect the power cord.
2. Press book. NOT ON and releasing it, connect the power cord.
3. It is still not releasing the book. ON press book. RESUME 2 times.
4. Release the two buttons.
5. Following this indication mistakes must stop.
6. Remove all files with programs attribute Reid Onli (if any)

7. Run this program (file GeneralTool.exe)
8. Choose the printer port in the window USB Port
9. Press book. DEVICE ID, to verify that the program correctly identified the printer model.
10.Nazhat book. EEP-ROM INFORMATION, verify that the meter deep Dx indeed equal to or greater 100.0
11.V window CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER press the button and MAIN PLATEN. Pressing the button LED printer should mignut.
12.Proverit in the EEP-ROM INFORMATION importance Dx, it must be equal to "0" or more pieces.

Exit from the program. Turn off the printer. Unplug the power cord. Press book. ON and keep it off until the indicator does not (fully defuse the capacitors in BP) Add Printer. Ascertain that there is no indication of errors.
NOTE. Book. LOCK RELEASE unlocks the buttons and functions SET DESTINATION ENDURANCE MODE. If you do not need to change the model to test the printer or the printer in "load", does not have to click.

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Problem with hp designjet 750c

following problems hp designjet 750c

- Cutter cuts initial cut after power up but fails thereafter.
- Check cartridge path" error after overhaul, replaced belt and general clean. Carraige runs smooth when handled, when powered up up moves then juddersand gives the error message. Is this a problem with the encoder strip?
- 2 plotters with errors pointing towards friction on carriage path although they are both running smoothly on rails. Both sets of rails have been lubricated.


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Canon Waste Ink Tank Reset Procedures for canon BJC 1000 Series

How to reset reset canon BJC 1000 Series
follow this step to Reset canon BJC 1000 Series

1) Remove Cartridge2: Unplug the AC Power Cord
3) Hold down the RESUME button
4) Release RESUME after plugging in the AC Power cord.
5) Press the RESUME once within
5) seconds and release the RESUME .
6) Press and HOLD RESUME for two seconds or more and release it.
7) Press and HOLD RESUME for two seconds or more and release it.
8) Unplug AC Power Cord to set data.

this work for me
good luck

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Epson replacement cartridge on Epson Stylus cx8400

Epson Stylus cx8400
insert new Epson replacement cartridge and wait until the printer refused to recognise it.
The solution was to push down on the cartridge an additional 1/4 inch so that until it clicked in place.
Try pressing down on the level replacement cartridge 1/4" until it clicks - this may even work for non-Epson cartridges as well.

good luck

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this is step you can try how to reset waste ink full canon on Canon MP190

this is step you can try how to reset waste ink full canon on Canon MP190

1) Enter SERVICE MODE. By pressing Menu Copy Scan Copy Copy
2) Select TEST MODE.
3) Select [8] PRINTER TEST in TEST MODE.
4) Select 3. [EEPROM CLEAR].
5) Select 0. [INK COUNT].
6) Press the [Set] key.
7) Press the [Stop/Reset] key (returning to the state of
3)), and then press the [ON/OFF] key

happy resetter and enjoy

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Simple Reset Code waste ink counter for Canon Multipass F20

the simple Reset Code waste ink counter for Canon Multipass F20:

- Enter SERVICE MODE. By pressing Menu, Copy, Scan, Copy, Copy
- Select TEST MODE using the + or - buttons.
- Select [8] PRINTER TEST in TEST MODE (using the + or - buttons) and press SET. Please Wait
- Select 8 - 3 using + or - keys and press SET.
- Display shows [0] INK COUNT , Press SET
Once Please Wait disappears, press STIOP/RESET, then the On/Off button to exit Service Mode.

good luck and enjoy

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All Epson Stylus Color type Download resetter

Epson Stylus Color type 480,580,680,777,780,790,860,1160,61,62,70,825
printer service program
to download visit http://rapidshare.com/files/99619811/Epson_Adjusment_Program_All.zip


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stylus photo C67 epson resetter and service tool

stylus photo C67 download printer software

if you like please give me some coment

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Download resetter for stylus photo 510

Download resetter for stylus photo 510
follow this link

happy download :)

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stylus cx3900 Epson service tool

Download resetter for stylus cx3900
software printer download at


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stylus Photo R210 epson resetter

Download resetter for stylus Photo R210

have problem with epson stylus Photo R210
try this tool to fix


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