Resetter Canon Pixma IP1200 and IP2200

Resetter Canon Pixma IP1200, IP1600,IP2200
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1. Kachan a service.
DOWNLOAD Service Tool for Canon iP1200, 1600, 2200.

2. Razarhiviruem downloaded archive.
Unzip downloaded file by WinZip.

3. Starting GeneralTool.exe
Run GeneralTool.exe

4. We choose a USB printer port
Select the connected USB port number from USB PORT

5. Select the region - Hit LOCK RELEASE and choose the desired model in SET DESTINATION.
Click LOCK RELEASE, and select the applicable model name in SET DESTINATION

6. In the CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER choose MAIN or PLATEN counters, which should be reset. If you choose both - both will be dropped.
In CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER, select MAIN or PLATEN. The selected waste ink counter will be reset. MAIN resets the main waste ink counter, PLATEN resets the platen waste ink counter.
If both the main and platen waste ink absorbers are replaced, reset both the main and platen waste ink counters.

Canon 1600 waste ink counter reset

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Another instruction on clearing:

1. Turn the printer off and disconnect the power cord.
2. Press book. NOT ON and releasing it, connect the power cord.
3. It is still not releasing the book. ON press book. RESUME 2 times.
4. Release the two buttons.
5. Following this indication mistakes must stop.
6. Remove all files with programs attribute Reid Onli (if any)

7. Run this program (file GeneralTool.exe)
8. Choose the printer port in the window USB Port
9. Press book. DEVICE ID, to verify that the program correctly identified the printer model.
10.Nazhat book. EEP-ROM INFORMATION, verify that the meter deep Dx indeed equal to or greater 100.0
11.V window CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER press the button and MAIN PLATEN. Pressing the button LED printer should mignut.
12.Proverit in the EEP-ROM INFORMATION importance Dx, it must be equal to "0" or more pieces.

Exit from the program. Turn off the printer. Unplug the power cord. Press book. ON and keep it off until the indicator does not (fully defuse the capacitors in BP) Add Printer. Ascertain that there is no indication of errors.
NOTE. Book. LOCK RELEASE unlocks the buttons and functions SET DESTINATION ENDURANCE MODE. If you do not need to change the model to test the printer or the printer in "load", does not have to click.