How to Clean Scanner Mirrors in HP3330

This is not an Hewlett Packard document, the author does not work for Hewlett Packard and is not responsible for any damage you do to your printer. This procedure is for skilled repair technicians and is not recommended without some knowledge of equipment repair. Proceed at your own risk.

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Canon Pixma iP3000

iP3000 power supply K30233 only has three wires.
Measure voltage with power supply pulled out of printer but with 3-wire plug still plugged up. Printers logic board turns power supply 8 volts stand by to 24 volts run voltage.

Pin 1 red wire = 8 volts dc printer off and 24 volts DC printer on.
Pin 2 black wire = printer ground
Pin 3 yellow wire = 0 volts dc printer off and 3.1 volts dc printer on.

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