Lexmark P3120 PrinTrio error

I replaced an ink cartridge in my Lexmark P3120 PrinTrio and when I closed the printer door I heard a pop! Now I get the msg printer door open.

I know what has happened, there is a 1 inch long plastic rocker that popped off in side. It feel out when I was examining the unit. It doesn't appear to be damaged, it looks as if it just snaps back on. But the problem is. How do you open this printer up?

I went to Best Buy where I bought it in Feb. of 2004 and they won't even send it in for service. It prints really well and I don't want to drop another $150 on a new printer, because of a 5 cent part.

I need to know how do you get into this printer. So does anyone have a sevice manual?


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fix for TN250 cartridge in an MFC 6800.

Anybody have a fix for TN250 cartridge in an MFC 6800.
Same problems with low toner light. Also out of toner caused shutdown. Managed to get it going again by cycling power on and off.
My problems have got worse after using after-market toner cartridges at ~$8 each but I can live with them (save $32 ).
Summary of my problems are
1 Toner shading intermittent. Sometimes gets worse as more copies are done. Sometimes starts bad and improves.
2 There is toner in cart and I would like to get low toner light off.
3 Occasional out of toner shutdown.

I have looked at the TN250, both brother and after-market, and see no window to cover!
Thanks for listening

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brother fuser replacement

Power off/on
- hold down button
- press again when drum light on
- worked for me on 1430 to to clear fuser error.

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HP officejet k60

Below is HP definition for the the error code.
It seems consistent with your description.
252 Telephone line conditions were too poor to receive a fax.

Do The following:
1. Check the telephone line for noise by connecting a phone to it. Press one key on the keypad and listen. A working line should be essentially silent. If you hear cracking or hum on the line call for service. You didn't mention whether or not the problematic fax is coming from one phone number. If your line seems 'clean' then the problem may be with the senders phone line.
2. Unplug the power source for 30 seconds.
3. Use a known good phone cable
4. Make sure the phone cable is plugged in securely on both ends.

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1. Turn machine on while pushing and holding the TWO up/down menu buttons at same time.
2. Menu window will show "OKI USER"
3. Scroll to " Engine Dialog Mode" is indicated. Push Enter button.
4. "Diagnostic Mode xx.xx.xx S-Mode is indicated.
5. Scroll to "NV-Ram initial" is indicated. Push ENTER.
6. Window shows "NV-Ram- Initial Table 1".
7. Push ONLINE and ENTER Buttons simultaneously and HOLD for 10 seconds after you see "Executing Reset" appear in menu window.
8. Restart printer.

All toner, drum, fuser and transfer figures return to 100%.

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Epson Stylus C82 Error

I have an epson stylus C82 that has been sitting for probably 2 years. I get a light greenish color when trying to print and when trying to clean the nozzles or head i get a blue and yellow check. No black or cyan color on the checks. I also dont get any black, ive tried removing the cover case to see if it was the plastic tube but that is intact. Any help? I've done cleanings on it probably 4-5 times now maybe even more. If any of you have suggestions that would be great. thanks in advance.

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Error hp 6110 carriage jam

My HP 6110 all in one is printing slanted prints and showing the error message open door and clear carriage jam. I've been through the HP help info to no avail. Is there anything I can do without taking it in for service?

The proper nomenclature is "encoder strip". It's a clear plastic strip with lines on it that runs through the back of the cartridge assembly and hooks on at either end of the printer. I use Window Cleaner on a paper towel as it works better than the 30% water solution that Chris recommended. Alcohol actually has little or no effect on ink.

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Flashing EPSON 860 Error

This could be to old for those posting above but I had found these instructions back in 2004 and it worked for me when this happens to me on my epson 860:

1. turn off the machine for at least 5 minutes and disconnect the interface cable to the computer
2. push and hold down the "ink" button and the "paper" button and turn the printer on.
3. When the "paper" light flashes quickly release both the buttons and then immediately press and hold down the "ink" button only for at least 10 seconds.

You will need to try this several times to get the sequence correctly.

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hp designjet 750c plus errors

I just bought the hp design jet 750c plus used. I have installed the drivers and am able to see it in my printing options but when I try to print nothing happens. The plotter reads: ready, but nothing happens. I look in the printing que and it says printer error. I am running windows vista and I am trying to print pdf and autocad files. I am using autocad LT 2008. I have tried saving my files in 2004 format but that doesnt work either. Any ideas for what i can do to make this work?

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Canon i80 Waste Ink Tank Full

For Reset Canon i80 Waste Ink Tank Full

1) Close the print head cover, and turn off the printer. While pressing the Resume/Cancel button, press the Power button. (Do not release the buttons. The LED lights in green to indicate that a function is selectable.)

2) While holding the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button. (Do not release the Power button.)

3) While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button three times, and then release the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in either orange or green, starting with orange.) During initialization, the LED blinks in green.

4) When the LED stops blinking and lights in green, press the Resume/Cancel button the 4 times. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in either orange or green, starting with orange.)

5) Press the Power button. The LED lights in green, and the
selected function is performed. (When the operation completes, the printer returns to the menu selection mode automatically.)

6) Power off then back on and test.

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Download Software Resetter for Epson C90

If any error when running Program Resetter, following this instructions :

Delete the folder in “C:\Adjustments_Programs\Stylus XXX” on your PC.

Delete registry key “Stylus CXX or Stylus RXX”

Then Reboot your PC. you must reboot your pc to take effect

to Reset Waste Ink Counter at Epson C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900

Extrac file Adjustment Program you was download
Switch on printer
RUN AdjProg.exe file for Epson Stylus C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, RX650, CX3900

choose Particular adjustment mode
Go to interview Then select waste Ink pad counter then click ok
Klik initialization button to clear Waste Ink Pad counter to zero
Once you press Initialize button, you can see its completion message, so that press OK button
To Read Status Counter Press Read button, you can see the current counter value.
Turn off the printer for 5secs then turn again
reset succesfully
download sofware resetter here


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Reset Printer IP1200 and IP1600

The guidelines reset Ink Tank Full Error Canon IP1200 and IP1600
First stage (Hardware Reset)
1. Turn off the printer, and then disconnect the power.
2. Press and hold the Power button (use the index finger to hold the power button).
3. Replace the Power cable.
4. Use the middle finger pressing the button to resume as much as 2 times.
5. Remove your index finger from the Power button.
6. You have completed the first stage to reset the Ink Tank Full Error (lamps, power blinking).
Second stage (Reset Software) to Permanent
1. Download the IP1200 & 1600 Resetter from here
2 o'clock. Extracting / unrar folder in C: \ IP1200
3. Make sure all the attributes of free files Read Only.
4. Run GeneralTool.exe
5. In the USB port you select the printer port.
6. Select (check) EEPROM CLEAR
7. Provide blank paper to print. Then click the button Test April 1
8. Done Printer IP1200 and IP1600 you return to normal.
The following types of software reset the printer according to the type of printer that will be reset.

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Canon PG 30 Black Ink Cartridge 1899B002

Canon has poured all the Know How of its extraordinary history of developing innovative office machines into each of its copiers, printers, and networked office systems. The same superiority of design and manufacture goes into all of the Canon-branded consumable imaging supplies and parts for this equipment. Naturally, no one makes better parts and supplies for Canon products than Canon. Using genuine Canon parts and supplies is your best insurance against equipment damage, and possibly voiding your equipment warranty.

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