Continuous ink supply system (CISS) Refillable ink cartridge

CISS may not please me but I know the brand of INK. Someone agent lang po kasi in akin.I 'm using this CISS for about 5 months. In 3 months of continuous use often to clog the head often even to print.Kaya volume I also nasasayang that INK tube in the waste clean-kaka.
Nasasayang also the printouts that Palpak the printing.

what brand of printer you have, ie also the brand should be compatible with the INK you buy.
pagbumili you, u if they ask comptible INK for your printer.

I print rite for EPSON r230, auto reset sya, so only distorted the printing of colored blast the colors on the bond paper, the printable cd ok naman sya. even nong just prior use. I use only sya that more black print on printable CDs then.