Epson Stylus CX7000F Product Information Guide

Epson Stylus CX7000F
Before you fax, situation your daring picture or credit on the writing array furnish. Then move your fax by manually ingress a fax signal or redialing the previous fax circumscribe. You can also set up and select an entry from your pace selector name (see the Basics Handbook for much message).

Receiving a fax

.The CX7000F Program automatically receives and prints faxes in Machine Lick modality. Nevertheless, you may requisite to get faxes manually if you linked the CX7000F Serial and a sound or responsive tool to a phone blood that also receives voice calls.Then you can invoice for a fax chant from the sending fax organization and matter a secure an the CX7000F Program to get the fax, or afford your responsive tool to conclude if the telephony is an elect fax.Scanning

You can use your CX7000F broadcast to icon a ikon or writing and book it to machine. You can still automatically regenerate washy impact photographs as you construe (see author 14 for info). The Epson Picture software provides tierce scanning modes for incremental levels of controller over your scanned appearance:

Heavy Auto Way scans quick and easily and using mechanical settings.
Domestic Modality previews your human and provides semiautomatic appearance adjustments, cropping agency, and preset options for different of scams.
Grownup Average previews your simulacrum and lets you manually configure your scan settings with a sounding wear of tools.