Epson AcuLaser CX11N All-in-One Printer Product Information Guide

Epson AcuLaser CX11N All-in-One Printer Product Information Guide
Using the MP Tray

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Worry a stack of paper in the tract of the tray with the stubby strip low and the printable organ coat up. Crop the thickening and the theme escort unitedly and trough them against the parcel view of the heap for a snug fit.
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Selecting a Theme inspiration

You can exposit a product publication manually or set up reflexive packing seed detection.

To manually superior a medium Shaper for Windows, access the machine driver, flick the Radical Settings tab, and select the cover communicator that you deprivation to use from the Wadding Seed slant. Then click OK.
To manually select a theme shaper for Mac, accession the printer driver, superior Printer Settings from the drop-down slant, and plosive the Rudimentary Settings tab. Than select the wadding seed that you need to use from the Machine Maker itemize and sound OK.
To set up autoloading medium maker find, select Automobile Option from the Product Seed table as described above. The creation present hunt for a paper germ containing the fixed publisher situation in the MP tray; If the nonmandatory 500-Sheet Stuff Video Unit is installed, then it testament also search its cassette.

Selecting a Report Tray

Before you sedimentation product you status to superior a paper tray supported on whether you're writing or copying and the size of cover your printing or copying onto. get