Nokia C5-03 manual user guide

The Nokia C5-03 user manual user guide owner's manual is the Nokia C5-03 can enjoy together. Thorough troubleshooting install installation configuration settings to factory reset and it continues where all those who use the product to read it for how to keep this documentation before using to read.

Table of content Nokia C5 folder-03 manual contents safe start get help to find your device identification phone contacts on your device Messaging personal music; Music player Ovi music Nokia Podcasting radio, camera Gallery share online Nokia Video Center Web browser GPS (location) for assisted GPS for GPS (AGPS) location request landmark GPS data location settings, map; Your location and specify the location of the method on how to view the location map view map save location details or make friends in a place or a place to send the path view get prompt enabled target Navigation view compass drive get traffic to find views about planning for audiences walk path connection safety information; Data connections and access points, Network Setup wireless LAN access points, USB cable PC connection management settings, a Bluetooth connection to retrieve data sent to another application; Clock calendar file manager QuickOffice application manager RealPlayer recorder calculation converter dictionary, set the green tips product and safety information, copyright and other notices note write OK. Nokia C5-03 user's manual heredownload