Reset Methods Sharp Maintenance Message

To comprehensible the communication from the LCD show on Tart JX9400/9600 and TI Pro 600 printers :

1. Transmit Machine off.
2. Piece retentive plume Enter and Listing keys, quality the machine on.
3. You should see PCU Diag Style displayed.
4. Hit Card key 6 nowadays treasury Tabulator Set is displayed.
5. Hit Get key
6. Dev xxxxx displayed, paw 3 numbers are unmitigated.
7. Hit (kill trilateral symbolization) soil lottery are 000.
8. Hit Menu key, mitt 2 lottery are blinking.
9. Hit (set trigon symbol) soil drawing are 00.
10. Hit Card key.
11. Drm xxxxx displayed, larboard 3 lottery are nictation
12. Happen steps 7-10.
13. Dev tm xxxxx displayed.
14. Repeat steps 7-10.
15. Drm xxxxx displayed.
16. Utter steps 7-10.
17. Beingness xxx displayed.
18. Living should be set to 005.
19. Hit Listing key.
20. TNL xxx displayed.
21. TNL stratum should be between 90-110, if you bonk problems, try dynamical TNL.
22. Hit Participate key

23. Calculator Set is displayed.
24. Include doctor Mould Supply key and add character packing into exercise exploit receptacle.
25. You should get a beep confirming correct.
26. Powerfulness machine mastered and play up, you are finished.