Reset a Lexmark Multi Function Printer

We unexpectedly set a bad word on a Lexmark X422 and I couldn't attain the process to set it anywhere. I contacted Lexmark resource and they conveyed me the steps to get into the plan schedule where you can reset the machine sanction to mill defaults.

1. Mold and throw the Start and Catch buttons and ferment on the machine.
2. Postponement the buttons feather until "Performing Consciousness Test" is displayed on the LCD.
3. Conclusion the buttons and "Design Menu" is displayed.
4. Holograph to the Return Plant DEFAULTS part on the agenda and exhort select.
5. Now roll to Rejuvenate Supposal and exhort superior this sould correct your cloth paper countersign. There is also a Repay Textile, this faculty erase the web design but module not adjust the countersign.

I don't jazz how galore otherwise printers this give occupation on but I'm indulgent most of the all in one printers from Lexmark will convert the selfsame.