Brother Printer and Brother Ink Cartridge Problems and Troubleshooting

Even Brother Printers and Brother Ink cartridges are prone to offering a user a set of problems. After all, there are electronic machines and hence are liable to show problematic instances. The fact remains, however, that these problems could be solved easily and without you taking the printer to a service center. All you need to do is to use a few troubleshooting tricks.

Ink Runs Out Quickly
You have just changed your empty cartridge or have got it refilled. But once more, you find that your cartridge has run out of ink. The cause of this problem is not too hard to find. Brother printers are famous, in this case let’s just say ‘infamous’ for continuously cleaning the inkjets. Hence, they end up wasting a lot of ink. You need to keep this fact in mind. At the end of the day this is one of the positives of the Brother printers as the print head of the cartridges is less liable to get clogged or jammed.

Sudden Stoppage of Printer
Without any warning your printer chooses to stop working. The first thing that you must do in cases like these is to think about the kind of changes that you might have made to your system recently. These changes might not be compatible with your printing settings, giving rise to this problem. For example, if you had a Windows XP operating system installed on your system when you installed the printer and now have up-graded it to Vista, the driver of the printer might not be compatible with the latest version of the OS. This problem will be solved by downloading a different driver that will be fully compatible with the new Operating System that you have downloaded.

If your printout has vertical smudges, then you have a problem. This problem is related to the Brother Ink cartridges. The first reason for this could be that they are low on ink. The other reason could be that the drum has worn down, through constant usage. Now, you need to decide whether you want to replace the drum of the printer, which is quite expensive, or you want to buy a whole new printer altogether.

The Error Message Problem
If you are a regular printer user, you might have been frustrated one time or the other by the number of printer error messages popping on the screen, one after the other! This is yet another problem with respect to Brother Printers. The best thing for you to do in this case would be to read the printer manual and basically understand what the error messages are tying to tell you. Also, read the error message carefully, and know what is wrong with the printing process. At times, all it requires for a solution is to restart the printers and its process. There are a varied number of errors that a printer is prone to, and most of these have been addressed in the printing manual.