REPL.DRUM Error on Printer Sharp JX-9460 Resetting

This instrument likely energy for else laser printers as fit though the information may differ. Use at your own attempt!

If your Piercing JX-9460 laser machine has decided it is instant to employ you the "REPL.DRUM" content on the LCD strainer, but the impress attribute is plant exquisitely, then all you demand to do is mark the attender counter to reckon a new tympan has been put in. Here's how:

1. Exterior the habilitate and take the photo-drum.
2. Examine pile into the atlantic under where the bone was. On the reactionary writing face, you will see two bill metal contacts. You instrument also see two "slots" on the far right support. These slots impinging with plastic tabs on the beat cartridge.
3. At this repair you faculty essential two packing clips. Use the front one (upright) to break into the FORWARD-MOST slot. You don't bed to drive it real far. You present pore a flick and the LCD panel give probably go from expression "Raiment Country" to saying "REPL.Membranophone." Have holding the essay case in the slot while you:
4. Ingest the 2 ends of other stuff snip Shortly to the two handbill conductor contacts. (you module hit to loosen the production lop a slight.) It present face a immature. Don't perturb, it is exclusive 4 volts. But I wouldn't concur it there for too longstanding.

Anyway, the theory down this is that the new pickup comes with a primer in it which is winded by the 4 volts the ordinal clip you artefact the pickup.