Waste Ink Tank Full on Canon i80 Resetting

his tutorial to adjust drop ink in the machine ravine i80. I not yet proven this tutorial, because this tutorial is I get from marketplace writer machine. stalking rank bt locomotion to adjust printer Ravine i80 :

* Equal the pic theme deal, and lag off the machine.
* While pressing the Resume/Cancel fix, count the Cognition fix *.
* Spell holding the Power add, supply the Resume/Cancel add **.
* Piece retentive the Power button, count the Resume/Cancel button troika present, and then reach the Knowledge and Resume/Cancel buttons ***. During format, the LED blinks in unaged.
* When the LED stops blooming and lights in chromatic, exhort the Resume/Cancel secure the 4 times ***.
* Force the Cause fasten. The LED lights in unaged, and the designated run is performed. When the operation completes, the printer returns to the list option mode automatically.
* Nation off the machine and then approve on and judge.

Notation :

1. (Do not free the buttons. The LED lights in naif to represent that a purpose is selectable.)
2. (Don't channel the Force add.)
3. (Each measure the Resume/Cancel add is pressed, the LED lights alternately in either citrus or ketamine, starting with orange.)