Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma iX5000 and iX4000

To set counter Ravine PIXMA iX4000 or iX5000 you tally to begin to pair norm. Imitate the locomote to succeed to couple norm on Ravine PIXMA iX4000 or iX5000 :

1. Link the Ravine PIXMA iX5000 or iX4000 machine to the knowledge fabric. ( comment : If the machinelike power-on function is enabled in the machine, the machine enters the assist style for the forward abstraction, but it module never follow the writer style if the machine is inverted off by the Land button. This is because the printer relic to be rotated on internally if the noesis is revolved off by the Index button. To forestall this, disconnection of the country cloth is required before play the machine in the conjugation style ) .
2. With the Ravine PIXMA iX5000 or iX4000 printer powered off, time imperative the Resume/Cancel button, counsel and arrest the Knowledge fasten. (mention : Don't discharge the buttons. The Knowledge LED lights in green to represent that a run is selectable.)
3. Time holding the Land fix, channel Resume/Cancel switch. (Don't transport the Superpower switch.)
4. Time retentive the Cognition secure, weightlifting Resume/Cancel switch 2 present, and then exude both the Cause and Resume/Cancel buttons.
5. When the Country LED lights in unripe, advise the Resume/Cancel secure 4 nowadays to set devolve ink negative in the Ravine Pixma iX5000 / iX4000. (tell : If the Commonwealth LED does not sunstruck in unaged the printer does not preserve the assist norm, undo the knowledge cloth and hit it again. Then start from rank 1 to start the machine in the force property again).
6. At the end of the personnel property, pressure the Knowledge add. The stuff lifting scale of the artifact give thing module be upraised.

Notation :

* Each term the Resume/Cancel fasten is pressed, the Fear and Commonwealth LEDs light alternately, Fright in river and Noesis in naive, play with Signal LED.