Epson Stylus 660 user Manual

reset Epson Stylus 660 user Manual
Your EPSON Stylus ® COLOR 660 printer is the ideal output device for small office or home printing. You can print anything from reports and resumes to photos and greeting cards with great results. The printer comes with these features: s Resolutions up to 1440 by 720 dpi (dots per inch), even on plain paper s EPSON’s exclusive Micro Piezo ™ ink jet technology for smaller, cleaner dots Four-color printing for photo-quality color and sharp black text on plain paper or a variety of special media s Great results on any paper size, including letter, legal, envelope, card, and panoramic paper s Creative software for implementing all your ideas for business or home. About Your Software The printer software CD-ROM includes all the software you need for printing: s Your printer driver runs your printer and lets you control how your documents look. get