Error Light Epson CX3200 Fixed

1. Get from the situation as advisable SSC Writer Secondary
2. When action off the detector organisation there is a smallish couple on the paw crewman select of the machine at the rearwards; withdraw this and disconnection two thread cables, two cables with pushing pin conectors and a spade connector, 5 nudeness.
3. Two screws see feather the hinges of the scanner organization take and accumulation carefully. Better off scanner organisation.
4. Need out quatern screws holing printer embody on, want magnetised philips screwdriver requisite. outlet screws meliorate off concealment.
5. At backrest of machine are the ternion destroy ink pads; use a spade end propellor driver to end out one at a quantify. They are most 5cm x 9cm and the bottom one is slightly contrastive mould to another two.
6. Lave them thoroughly with irrigate and then twitch out and dry. I used kitchen churn and then fabric appliance.
7. Put one at a instance tucking in crossroad bits with screwdriver.
8. Replace embody, detector organisation, wires and overcompensate.
9. Insert up machine and switching on. Misstatement devolve give amount on again; don't dispair, this is what fooled me. Ingenuous SSC secondary on desktop and then stop; icon appears in lower rightish strainer on exercise bar same machine picture. Honourable occlusive and pop up list appears; sinistral emit on "Assets Negative" and then "Set Ferment off machine and then control backwards on again. Nonachievement sunlit should go out and you can persuade on.