Sygic Mobile Maps 10 MAEMO V8.16 Europe-galedo

Sygic Mobile Maps 10 MAEMO V8.16 Europe-galedoThe avant-garde GPS aeronautics software Sygic Adaptable Maps 2010 for a advanced ambit of adaptable accessories based on avant-garde platforms: Windows Mobile, Windows XP and Vista, Symbian, Symbian UIQ, Linux, Apple iPhone, Google Android OS. The Russian-language, automatic user interface, Russian-language articulation guidance, fast, avant-garde 3D graphics, the bashful accouterments requirements, the abettor band, advice boards, a quick seek of parking, auberge or restaurant, fast switching amid cards from altered manufacturers, the adding of an another route, a bright affectation of maps screens of all the diagonals and permits accelerated change of acclimatization of the awning after restarting the program, bland action of the motion on any device. How to upgrade to Mobile Maps 10:

1. Uninstall Sygic Mobile Maps 9 from your Nokia N900. Go to App Manager in your device, click on Uninstall and choose Mobile Maps - Application.Confirm by clicking Uninstall.
After you have uninstalled Mobile Maps from your device connect your mobile phone to your PC/Mac in Mass storage mode / Data transfer mode (not PC Suite mode or ActiveSync), so the device will be present as separate Disk letter in My Computer (for Windows
) or Disk icon on Desktop
(for Mac OS X). Open the folder with your device and you should see folders: /Drive, /Maps,/Res and SetupMobileMaps.deb. Delete those folders, just to be sure they are not located in your device.

2. Please click on the link below to download .zip archive with files needed to run application (+/-2GB).

3.After downloading, unzip this archive.If you have Windows ME or XP, Vista, Widows7 or Mac OS X, just double-click on the zip file or folder, it should open just as if it was a regular file or folder on your computer.

4. Copy content of unzipped folder (folders: /Drive, /Maps, /Res etc...) directly to root of Internal memory drive.(It is necessary to copy all folders to Internal memory, not SD card. Otherwise application won’t run.)
IMPORTANT: Folders Drive, Res and Maps must be located directly in the root of Internal memory drive - not in any other folder. (for example: H:/Drive = OK, H:/Sygic Mobile Maps/Drive = Wrong; drive letter can vary according to your computer).

5. Open File manager in Maemo, locate and execute file SetupMobileMaps.deb stored in initial folder of N900. Installation should start afterward. If you are unable to install file SetupMobileMaps.deb because system asks which application should be used to open .deb package or any problem with certificate occurs, it might be caused by your old phone firmware. In that case, you have 2 options:
Update your phone to latest firmware available via: Application Manager > Update. Latest firmware available is: V10.2010.19-1 or

1, Install rootsh
2, Gain root access (sudo gainroot)
3, Install package via console (X Terminal)