Download Dekart SIM Manager 2.9 PDA

Dekart SIM Manager 2.9An avant-garde SIM agenda administration apparatus which provides an simple way to adapt the address-book of a SIM card, as able-bodied as action added abstracts stored on the SIM, such as the SMS archive, the account of anchored dialing numbers, endure dialed numbers, etc. You can administer GSM, 3G, and Nextel SIM cards, as able-bodied as apprehend SMS messages! The latest adaptation can administer the PLMN account and accomplish assorted copies of a SIM card.

Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian.

SIM Administrator allows you to administrate the aegis codes of a SIM or USIM, by enabling or disabling PIN codes, alteration them, or unblocking a blocked SIM card.

With SIM Administrator you can advancement your SIM cards, and use them if a agenda was absent or stolen, or if you charge to archetype the capacity of a SIM agenda needs to addition card.

SIM agenda administrator is absolutely accordant with Nextel and 3G SIM cards, while attention the affinity with earlier GSM cards. This makes it accessible to accord the capacity of altered SIM cards if you about-face from one adaptable arrangement to another.

Synchronization is added continued by SIM Manager’s adeptness to consign the contacts of a SIM to a CSV file, which can be loaded by a mail-client, or a PIM application. Now you can accord your Outlook address-book with the phonebook of your SIM, absorb the contacts of your buzz and PDA, etc.

SIM Administrator is a Unicode application, acceptation that it can accurately action names and texts that accommodate characters added than the ones in the Latin alphabet, behindhand of the accepted bounded settings of Windows. It makes this GSM, 3G and Nextel SIM agenda editor acceptable for enterprises that accept offices in altered bounded locations, as traveling from one cultural breadth to addition is now beneath of a problem.

SIM Administrator works anon with the SIM card, appliance a PC/SC-compliant acute agenda reader. The affairs does not crave a phone; accordingly it is a actuality that the band-aid still works afterwards the buzz is upgraded, or if a about-face to a altered adaptable abettor is made. There is no charge to acquirement a appropriate data-cable for your buzz either. All of the above-mentioned makes SIM Administrator a abundant ancient investment.


Synchronize contacts amid phones aural an enterprise, behindhand of which carrier altered bodies use, or which buzz cast or archetypal they prefer;

Synchronize the contacts of the SIM agenda with the contacts stored in the abode book of an email applicant (ex: Outlook, Lotus Notes, Eudora) or a desktop PIM appliance (ex: Palm Desktop), this is accomplished by exporting / importing the abstracts appliance CSV files;

Backup a SIM agenda in adjustment to calmly restore the abstracts if the agenda is lost, or if you artlessly charge a archetype of the card's contents;

Multiply a SIM agenda – SIM Manager's able accumulation processing capabilities accredit you to archetype the capacity of a SIM to one or added cards after any chiral labour. This makes it awfully simple to adapt a set of SIM cards with some predefined data;

Recover deleted SMS – SIM Administrator enables you to balance argument letters that were deleted from the SIM. To acquisition out added about SMS accretion and apprentice which deleted SMS can be recovered, which ones cannot, apprehend our SMS accretion guide;

Get in ascendancy of your phonecalls and phonebill by enabling the anchored dialling account and akin the numbers to which approachable calls can be made;

PLMN and FPLMN administration enables you to ascendancy which adaptable networks your buzz will affix to, and which ones will be ignored. This is abnormally important if you use adrift casework if traveling;

Update assorted abode book entries at once, by abacus or removing a buzz prefix if traveling from one country to another;

Print out letters that accommodate the abode book entries, and added advice that is stored on the SIM;

Enable and adapt the aegis cipher PIN1 as able-bodied as ameliorate the SIM;

Obtain abundant advice about the SIM card, such as the IMSI, ICCID, the ATR, the name of the adaptable operator, etc;

SIM agenda administrator is a Unicode application, acceptation that it can accurately action names and texts that accommodate characters added than the ones in the Latin alphabet, behindhand of the accepted bounded settings of Windows;

Compatible with GSM, all 3G SIM cards worldwide, and Nextel SIM cards: Dekart SIM Administrator works with any Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) in GSM, Nextel SIM agenda in Nextel, Universal Integrated Circuit Agenda (UICC) in UMTS, or Removable User Identity Module (RUIM) in CDMA, behindhand of network.
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